Akwaaba Bitters

Your No.1 Authentic Herbal Bitters
Drink Responsibly 18+
Purely Herbal, Made To Suit Your Taste
Nsa Papapaa
Enjoy Your Delightful Akwaaba Bitters Made From Herbs
Drink Responsibly 18+
Cheers To Greatness
Drink Responsibly 18+
The True African Bitters
Drink Responsibly 18+
Akwaaba ooo! Akwaaba !!
Efie Ne Fie

Akwaaba Bitters

Nsa Papapaa

Akwaaba Bitters is your no.1 Authentic African herbal bitters produced and manufactured in Cape Coast - Ghana. Try Akwaaba Bitters today and experience the true nature of African herbs.

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Satisfied Customer's Reviews

"I've tried many alcoholic beverages, but this herbal bitters truly stands out. The combination of flavors is exceptional, and the alcohol content adds a delightful punch. It's perfect for enjoying a unique and flavorful drink on special occasions."


Cape Coast -Abura

"I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of flavors in this alcoholic herbal bitters. The balance between the herbs and alcohol is spot on, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable drink. It's now my go-to choice when I want something unique and refreshing."


Cape Coast

"This herbal bitters infused with alcohol is a game-changer. The richness of the herbal blend is beautifully complemented by the alcohol, creating a bold and distinctive taste. It has become my favorite wine for social gatherings, impressing friends with its unique flavors."


Taxi Driver - Cape Coast

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Akwaaba Bitters

18 + Only Not for pregnant women Not for lactating mothers

Enjoy our delightful bitters responsibly. This product is intended for adults aged 18 and above. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should refrain from consumption.

Vetted & Approved By FDA. No: FDA/Dk 22-926.

Drink Responsibly 18+